The term "Scrap Gold" usually refers to karat gold jewelry (10k or higher) that is broken, damaged, or out of fashion and no longer worn or wanted. 

When you "scrap out" your gold jewelry for cash, you are eliminating much of the cost in producing that particular piece of jewelry.  All labor and mark-up at every level of the production of your jewelry item is lost.  The cost of manufacturing, distributing & selling your piece of jewelry is lost.  In addition, the cost of refining your scrap gold into pure gold is costly as well. 

The "Scrap Value" of your gold jewelry is based on it's Pure Gold Content and the value of Gold as a commodity on the world market.  We use the New York Stock Exchange Spot price to determine the value of your gold.


While most jewelers offer to pay cash for 40-60% of your jewelry's "scrap value", 
We Offer 100%, If You trade It Toward Your Next Purchase.

We do not BUY Gold or Platinum outright for Cash, we only Trade It for a Credit toward your purchase.   

We do not charge to remove gemstones.  We return all diamonds and gemstones we remove.  Or, we can use the diamonds & gemstones in your new jewelry design! 

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